14 year old expelled for writing story about murder of a teacher. Moral panic once again triumphs over understanding of concept of "fiction". Humphhh! (I was once "murdered" by a Year 7 student, sliced up by a ceiling fan, as I remember it... I was thrilled he trusted me enough to hand the story in.)


English writer Vivien Alcock has died at the age of 79. Nicholas Tucker writes her obituary for The Independent.


Candian Council for the Arts Governor General's Literary Awards shortlist announced.


USA National Book Awards nominees announced.


William Steig, creator of over 30 picture books, including Misrule favourites Brave Irene and Roland the Minstrel Pig has died at 95. Steig was also the creator of Shrek, the book which inspired the film, and a regular cartoonist for The New Yorker. Read the obituary from the Sydney Morning Herald here.


Philip Pullman is critical of the teaching of writing in English schools, saying teachers are forced increasingly to teach to standardised tests. Sound familiar? Read The Guardian article here.


A real-life "Skippy the Bush Kangaroo"!

Fans of the 1960s children's TV show were thrilled to hear this week of a real-life "What's that Skip?" style rescue by one-eyed Lulu.

Read about it here!